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Project Willendorf Venus My life has taken me to many countries and varied locations within the United States. I have photographed nature, people and landscapes from the cliffs of Northern California to the beaches of the Caribbean, from the shores of the Sea of Japan to the plains of the Brazilian interior, from Victoria to Cancun, from Alaska fishing villages to the dance halls of Buenos Aires.

It has now become time for new discoveries in photography. While I will continue photographing life around me whether street vendors or ordinary tourists, I intend to focus special energy in photographing women; celebrating women.

For this I am returning to some of the oldest art extant. I go to Willendorf's Venus dated about 25,000 years ago. This very ancient figure has been the center of the Goddess Mother speculation of recent years.

The concept of an Earth Mother or Mother Goddess or Great Goddess derives primarily from the Greeks. In the Theogony, written in the early 7th century BCE, the poet Hesiod named the "deep-breasted" Earth Gaea, "a firm seat of all things for ever," who, after emerging out of Chaos, brought forth "starry Ouranus" (the sky), Mountains, the sea, and, after having lain with Ouranus, a number of non-cosmological Titans.

Willendorf has at times been considered an early prototype goddess leading to the later worship of Gaea, the Earth Mother. However this may be, my project will go the other way. I will celebrate human motherhood as an extension of divinity. I am hoping to follow a handful of mother's through the last few months of pregnancy and to document the changes in their relationships with others, the fathers, friends, relatives and the child or children.

I enjoy the sight of beautiful women; beautiful in my vision, not as judged by the mass media.  According to the mass media my pleasure must be sexually exploitive, one-sided and very age dependent. But I've sometimes pondered that often my pleasure is not sexual. It is sensual, in some ways not too different than enjoying and encountering a fine piece of sculpture. It is not age dependent but very individual. But it is not just physical; it is personal. In my vision the persons are not simply replaceable objects but people with all their differences, personal, experiential--human. My vision is not exploitive. If not merely sexual, it is visceral and personal.

In recent years I have discovered the joys of nudism and frequently spend a weekend at a nude resort. I have learned how very true it is that nudity is not necessarily sexual, indeed not particularly erotic. But I've also learned that beauty abounds and comes in a great variety of shapes and sizes.

To what extent nudity is erotic and or sexual seems to depend mostly on the state of mind, intention and expectation, especially of the viewer.  I have taken "boudoir" pictures for some of my friends. In two cases these were a pair of young women.. One of them, my friend, wanted to send a suggestive picture to a boyfriend to remind him of his "birthday present" when he returned from his trip. When we were finished her friend, who was waiting, decided to ask if I would do the same for her. This photography is intentionally sexual and I was asked to do it because I was a close and trusted friend. 

The Project Figure Study will photograph a number of women some of whom are frequently bypassed in our socially accepted standards of beauty. I will be shooting sessions with women from 25 to 70 all of whom are beautiful, many of whom would not be thought so by the modern commercial media. Most of the photographs in each shoot may be partially or fully nude.

Modeling for Reinaldo's Projects Models wanted for both projects and others. Call 1-415-735-7375 or email me or read here for more information

Project Figure Study


I have been asked by several people to do a photograph session for payment. I no longer do photography except when it interests me. I no longer do photography for payment.

However, I am open to ideas that broaden my experience and knowledge.

If you want to collaborate or have an idea that might interest both of us, please email me, describing what you have in mind. The result need not be posted on this website.

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