Modeling Information

  • I'm always looking for models to photograph for various fine art projects; if you are interested in discussing a photo session by all means send me e-mail. Keep in mind that I live in Northern California -- this could very well create logistics concerns if you live some distance away.

    My needs are rather simple:

    • All models must be adults and self-responsible.

    • Many potential models consider themselves unphotogenic, or physically flawed. You would not be asked to model if the photographer did not judge you photogenic. All human beings are flawed if judged by common Hollywood standards. However, a  mature sense of self only comes with age. Trust the photographer whose job it is to find the beauty and inner truth.

    • While not all my images are nude, the nude body is the medium I use to share your personhood. It depends on the interpretive and artistic intent. Since most of the work is figure studies and most figure studies are nude, we need this option. The degree and style of nudity I prefer is evident in the photo galleries. 

    • The purposes of my work are not only the beauty of the body, but also the beauty of the person's mind and spirit. Willingness to be exposed emotionally and spiritually is of more importance than physical exposure.

    • I am particularly looking for older women who have a mature self-vision.

    • Prior experience is not required. 

    • There is a stipend which will be discussed. Most models who work with me are not professionals.  I cannot pay professional modeling fees as there is no "client" to pass on the cost. The models who work with me are not doing this for the money. On the other hand, modeling is hard work and deserving of compensation.

    • I do not photograph or deliberate eroticism in this portfolio. (My new portfolio is explicitly erotic.) For the purposes of figure studies full nudity is less erotic than partial--look at the TV ads. All concerns regarding nudity will be discussed and addressed before the session. 

    • To some degree, I can try to protect the anonymity of the model and the model may designate a working name to be used with the photographs. Of course, I cannot guarantee anonymity.

    • The model may have a friend of the same gender present for the shoot or for meetings at any time. If present, the friend is there as a support for the model. In fact a friend with good skills at simple makeup may be helpful. The friend must not interfere with the photography or conversation between the model and the photographer.

    • A standard, non-commercial, signed model release is required. 

    •  A few words about tattoos. In general, I prefer to photograph people who do not have tattoos. However, there are people whose tattoos express something important to them--experiences, philosophies, emotions. I am very willing to photograph them and their tattoos.

    • Most of the tattoos I see are not like that. They were put in place without much thought. They also distract attention from the body. While I realize that this is a personal preference, since I do this work for my own expression, I get to follow my own inclinations. With digital media, it is possible to retouch some tattoos, but it adds hours of tedious computer work. I'd rather be photographing than Photoshopping. I am willing to photograph women with body jewelry, especially if it can be removed for some poses. (For a real "rant" about tattoos--along with some great nude art photography--go toLookNSee.)


    That's about it for my needs. If you have any further questions or want to model please send me e-mail or call 1-415-735-7378 and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

    *Some of the wording and information on this page, while edited to reflect my own needs, originated with Pat Thielen of Axolotyl Studios, whose work I appreciate and recommend.

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