Glamour Gallery
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A friend of mine decided to try one of the on-line match-making programs, eHarmony. Knowing that I am a photographer, she asked that I do a photo that would be attractive. We looked at the photos people were using and many of them were shot with a cellphone camera, out of focus, too underexposed or poorly posed.

I'm not really a glamour photographer, though I have experience with portraits and actually have photographed both men and women in glamour poses. But I do know some of the basics and decided to write up some suggestions, discuss the kinds of poses she wanted and see what we could do.

She also had several friends who would like the same thing and asked if I would be willing to photograph them as well. We all met in my "studio" (Actually, I use my tiny living room, setting up lights and backdrops as needed. It is a bit small, but adequate for a one-person session, as long as that person doesn't move around too much.)

My skills were not tested much in this instance. Each of these women was so gorgeous herself that I could have taken the photos with a drugstore throwaway camera.

The results were enough to inspire me to do more. I placed an ad in Craigslist, offering to photograph any women who wished and provide them with up to four pictures at no cost. I have had several takers on the offer and have enjoyed the photo sessions, even made a few new friends.

If you are doing your photographs yourself and want some suggestions, click here. Remember, you only get to make one first impression.