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Portfolio of Reinaldo da Silva

My Mind's Eye

Welcome to my portfolio. This is the beginning of a new body of work. I have been photographing the world around me since 1951 when Ralph Sunderland, my high school teacher, first put a real camera, his beloved Rollieflex, in my hand. 

My photographs have accompanied me through the ensuing years and through more than twenty moves while I added thousands of exposures. But in 2002 most of my old work was lost in transit. There were two possible responses to this loss. Focus on the loss and continue to work in the same mode, or acknowledge and mourn the loss but move forward. 

The handful of  images in the "Legacy Gallery" are scanned from paper prints. Please forgive the poor quality, but for now, that's all the portfolio I have left from the past.

However, I am now free to go beyond my old work, trying new styles, modes and ideas. In fact I have already been experimenting and working with a mentor to develop a more personal and involved portraiture. A second mode I am working in is the figure study. Can I learn to use the undraped human body, both impersonal and sensual, to expose the truth of the model and the moment? I hope so.

The new, digital media is another radical change that I, and other photographers are only beginning to explore. It provides many new controls for the artist. But used poorly they are just more ways to ruin a work. (This statement was true when I wrote it eight years ago. Now it is very difficult to find film or film camera. This is a good thing as film photography is very detrimental to the environment.)

I have separated this display into the nude figures and the other work. As the quantity grows I may wish to categorize it further. However, in many ways, there is no difference. Whether nude or draped, the value, purpose, meaning of the work derives from the same criteria: does this photograph express something meaningful about the model, the photographer, the encounter, the creation or expression of truth? Does truth arise in the moment of the encounter of light and photographic media? Of course, this is the question all art must answer.

None of my work is or will be pornographic, but some of the images are of unclothed adults and some will be erotic art.  Please don't enter if you are offended by nudity or sexuality. If you are either horrified or merely titillated by nudity or sexuality, I ask you to please leave this website rather than insult either me or the models. The models and I are intending serious artistic expression, and whether we are successful or not, we demand your respect.

I respect your adult ability to push the back button and not enter. I specifically request that no one under the age of self-responsibility enter these pages. 

We, both the models and I, hope you are ready to share with us the creation of meaning in both the clothed and unclothed images.