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About my photographic history

I began photography as a young boy and have pursued it ever since. After high school I joined the U. S. Air Force and while stationed in Japan, made thousands of images ranging from friends, of course, to the beauties of the Japanese islands. I traveled throughout much of that nation, photographing Sadoshima, Mt. Rokko, Kyoto, much of Tokyo from the slums to the Imperial Palace, and so much more. (Yes, of course, Mt. Fuji.)

I also discovered the quality of the camera equipment being produced in Japan. While I have usually used 35mm format, over the years I have enjoyed working with larger cameras such as the Toyoview, a 4x5 Linhof, Mamiyaflex and others. But the Japanese were producing cameras every bit as good as the great German cameras such as Leica and Rolleiflex.

In fact the first practical 35mm. single-lens reflex cameras, where you can actually see through the lens just as the film will see it, were German, but it was the Japanese Asahi Pentax that perfected most of the innovations which made it practical. That Asahi Pentax came out in 1957 and mine was purchased a year later.

Since then, I have had a few Canons both rangefinder and SLR, but mostly have been using Nikon cameras for over forty years.

For anyone really interested in the amazing story of the development of the single-lens reflex (SLR), there is a great Wikipedia page.

Most of my work has been non-commercial. I did work as a professional photographer for two years and then used it as a financial base while pursuing both my master's degree and my doctorate.

Over the years I have enjoyed photography as an art form and to document what I have experienced in Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Korea, Mexico and all across the United States.