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Mauvais Gallery - On the Farm

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Mauvais is a master of the esthetics of classical lines and figures. She has a dancer's body, is full of grace and ease, and is a student of art. Working with her was delightful. She is used to posing for art classes and for artists in paint, pen and ink. She rapidly learned what I wanted and made great suggestions.

After more than 70 photo sessions just for this website, I have met a wide variety of models. Each person has brought her own style of posing and interacting with the camera. Some have been professionals who pose for the camera day after day, often doing two or three shoots a day. Others have been first-time amateurs who are just "pushing their personal envelope." A few are beginners who are learning and putting together their portfolio. Trying to show each one's personality through her body is part of the point of these photographs.

Experienced art models, like Mauvais, are used to taking a classical pose and holding it for long periods so that artists can capture the essence of the pose. Little of the model's own reality is allowed to intrude. She may be thinking, "My neck itches and I need to scratch it," but the pose is a copy of the Greek Lady of Justice so the model can't put down her scales or sword to scratch.

Mauvais quickly understood my needs and allowed her own self into these poses. Watch her face as her expression changes between poses. Notice that in most of the images she is on her toes, but in a few, she relaxes and actually touches the ground.

This photo shoot was short. We milked the location for all the best possibilities without getting into dangerous places. (Floorboards might break. Splinters in hands or feet. Or worse.) I'm very appreciative of Mauvais' willingness to be adventurous--sometime even when I was not.

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