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London Jaques is a great person/model/subject for my lens. She exemplifies what I am trying to do. London Jaques lives an experiential and experimental life. She is also one of the most truthful people I've met in many years. I can depend upon her for honest opinion, feedback and reliability. There is about her, a sense of self-awareness and self-comfort. She makes her own decisions in values and behavior without excessive consideration for the approval of others. I have now spent more time with her than I have with other subjects or models and I have a strong sense of genuineness. She is who she says she is. That is a rare trait in life.

She brings a fresh vision to our photo sessions. Many models or subjects make an effort to appear more youthful, more vivacious. Moreover, they have certain rehearsed poses that they use for whatever camera is focused on. London Jaques is who she is. Yes, she is gorgeous but she is not in her twenties and is comfortable with that in herself. Her poses express just how she feels. That is quite different. Open and honest, when she is enjoying herself, she expresses that in her body and behavior, when she is bewildered, that also shows. When she is sad, it shows in the photos. (That said, she is more often joyful in her life than not.) These are traits that I admire in people. London Jaques lets her body tell her truth.

The photographs we have made, show this. We have had several sessions already and I look forward to continuing collaboration with her in the future. That's why I have created a separate section of this website to hold her photos.